Tom Wang


Tom Wang is a junior. He has been playing the piano for 7 years. He enjoys playing various video games and watching different genres of YouTube videos in his free time. His favorite video game is Fortnite.

Jenna Xu

Club Member

Jenna Xu is a freshman at Del Norte High School. She has been playing piano for 7 years. She enjoys listening to music and drawing in her free time.

Ethan Zhao


Ethan Zhao is a sophomore at Del Norte High School. He has been playing piano for 9 years and violin for 6 years. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, editing videos, and playing video games with his friends.

Conan Wu

Club Member

Conan Wu is a senior at Canyon Crest Academy. He has been playing the clarinet for 6 years. He currently plays clarinet in the Wind Ensemble band at CCA. He enjoys playing basketball, tennis, and listening to music.

Daniel Tran

Recruitment Officer

Daniel Tran is a senior at Westview High School. He has been playing piano for 6 years, and playing basson for 4 years. He enjoys playing video games and spending time with friends in his free time.

Flora Yuan

Club Alumni

Flora Yuan is Music4Kids' founder and is freshman at Stanford University. She has been singing for 8 years and singing opera for 4 years. She loves watching Got Talent shows in her free time.

Sunny Fan

Club Alumni

Sunny Fan has been playing piano for 10 years and playing cello for 6 years. He loves playing video games in his free time.

Wilson Wen

Club Alumni

Wilson Wen has been playing piano for 7 years and violin for 2 years. He loves to play various video games and cook in his free time.

Kylie Huang

Club Alumni

Kylie Huang has been singing for 9 years, and playing piano for 13 years. She loves to read Harry Potter, bake a variety of sweets, and watch The Great British Baking Show in her free time.

Andrew Ma

Club Alumni

Andrew Ma is a freshman at the University of Virginia. He has been playing violin for 8 years. He enjoys playing video games and watching YouTube in his free time.

Nina Zhu

Club Alumni

Nina Zhu has been playing the guitar for 3 years, and playing piano for 10 years. She enjoys watching various Netflix shows and listening to many different genres of music in her free time.

Jamie Yue

Club Alumni

Jamie Yue has played piano for 11 years and has experience in teaching piano to younger children. She enjoys cooking, reading, and going to the beach in her free time.

Austin Yang

Club Alumni

Austin Yang will be a sophomore at Pomona College in the fall. He has been playing saxophone since 4th grade, and is currently learning the piano. He has traveled around the world with Music4Kids.